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I am looking at new ways to look at and present my blogging endeavour!

I have recently been hard at work yet again trying to re-awaken and update my blog to make it more interesting and more helpful to any future readers. Working on keeping up motivation, confidence and finding time to post was simply too hard for a time after I received a physical test result pointing towards another major health issue.

Now the initial shock is over and I’ve dealt with the most recent usually emotionally problematic symptoms I often live with, I’m back on my feet with more determination to find ways to make blogging work for me!

Depressive symptoms can pull you…

“down the rabbit hole…”

You lose track of time and dates, you simply forget anything and everything that is not urgent to survive, for some people even that can be too much. In my case, I am incapable of following through with anything other than barely looking after the house and the family. All craft work and other extra activities are usually forgotten other than occasionally listening to music and watching some television or dvd’s.

Now that I have been able to solve some of my technical details and find enough courage and motivation to continue working on it again, I am back to keep adding more posts!


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