Bipolar self help tips


1. Seek professional help when necessary! Don’t try to “muddle through” on your own. Whether you decide to take medications or not, make sue you have at least one medical practitioner that knows about your condition that you can speak to ehen necessary.

2. Read! Read & read some more! The more you research the particular health problem you have. Whether it be a mental illness or other health problemyou need to know as much as possible about it.

3. Try to find someone willing to talk to you about your problem. You will need someone you can rely on that will not judge you in any way…

If you want more details on how I’ve managed to handle, and keep my Bipolar symptoms under control enough to live without medications etc; let me know, I am working on an idea for an       e-book I am considering making.

Anyone that lives with Bipolar that would be interested in by providing one or more notes or quotes to add to my e-book let me know…

You don’t have to cope with mental health issues alone!

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