Another Breakthrough

Don’t like spending time at home alone only with baby…

So I’ve been pretty obsessed for quite a few months with walking to the local plaza either alone, with our baby or going out with my husband.

When we are at home together my husband likes to go online as he still works long hours 6 days a week and he doesn’t get much down time away from my babbling and work…

But whenever we talk about my or our together going out somewhere and our plans get cancelled I either get really irritable or lately I’ve even started crying from disappointment.

Yesterday I was too late to walk to the local library for baby reading sessions first day and I cried for quite a while.

After about half an hour of thinking about why I cried I realised it want just about not getting to go, it was about not getting out into a public place. I seem to not like spending all my time alone with no interaction and I’ve been enjoying my new skill of being able to go out on my own.

(I say on my own as our baby is too young to talk properly other then baby talk, of course I love his company but with no real interaction it only partially distracts me)

It seems that it’s the distraction from my own negative and depressive self talk that I crave escaping… I’ve forgotten how to ignore the negativity or how to do the positive reply self talk I used to do in order to try to keep myself happier.

Will need to look into these theories tomorrow when I’ve had some sleep and will be thinking with more clarity….

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