Oops! Where was I?

Disappeared from BlogSpace:!

Hi everyone!

Today I like to pretend that I have a huge audience waiting to see what else I have to say!

I’m sorry to have to apologise to anyone that is actually interested in my blog posts for having fallen off the BlogSpace Sphere for a few days. I was stuck looking after my baby a bit more then usual due to his having been ill, and I also got stuck into my craft and art activities for a few days and it was keeping me so happy that I totally forgot about my blog for a while!

I know, shame, shame! Why start something like a blog in the first place if you can’t keep up with it?? Well, all I can say is it’s apart of life unfortunately, and also, apart of Mental Health issues and symptoms…..

Enough of the excuses! I will be posting a new section in my blog about my adventures in Art Journaling, which I have officially started as of approx 4 days ago!

I always thought that my craft and art experiments keep me happier in general, now I can say I am officially convinced it that it definitely helps me cope with my symptoms and to live happier and livelier…

It might not be for everyone, but even just simply collage by sticking pictures down and random colouring, painting across pages still get the creative juices flowing and help keeps negative ideas away by keeping our mind and hands busy with something fun!

I’ll go ahead and post some of the techniques and idea prompts etc that I use and add links to websites/blogs with more information on techniques that I get inspiration from. If anyone reading my posts does anything similar would like to add pics or comments on something they do creatively that helps them relax and de-stress/de-symptom in any way, please do post!


6 thoughts on “Oops! Where was I?

    • Great! Now I can say, Yay! I finally got a comment! hehehe Yes, he is fine now, thanks. We got the ok from another GP that he’s pretty much over his bronchiolitis… He’s only 3 months so we were being extra cautious to try to stop him getting sick again…

      • Ha ha! I did not know my comment would bring so much joy! lol! Take care of your son, he is tiny. I remember how hard it was when my Z was tiny and falling sick..:(

  1. G’day bipolaraustralia,

    I really like this site. If I were to have the time and patience I too would love to work on a blog-spot for bipolar, and mental health. Personally I have found meditation to be the key ingredient in handling my health. Meditation and the right medication. The two together work hand-in-hand. The time is late, right now, so it is time to catch some dreams. I’ve had my night medication, (and my meditation) so I should really hit the sack, before my forehead hits the keyboard. Good night and sweet dreams to you. Thanks for your support.

    Happy Jack (Ghreg)

    • Hi, I’m terribly sorry for reply months late, but I totally got lost in technical and health related issues.

      I’m curently taking a new look at my blog considering changing name etc, & looking for ways to continue blogging on this or related topic. Atm I’m reviewing issues related to privacy, lack of pc to work on, finding time and other symptom related issues.

      I still want to continue my blog somehow and am searching ways to improve the blog to make it more reader friendly and attractive etc.

      I would love any info, feedback etc other then setting regular posts, hehehe

      I hope you’re still interested in chatting or swopping info etc…?

      Thanks and my appologies again

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