My definition / interpretation of Bipolar

The different parts of Bipolar:

  • Emotional – Mood swings;
  • Physical – Pain (e.g. headaches). The affect of lack of sleep etc;
  • Mental – Affect on thinking patterns, confusion, etc;

Within each of these categories there are several subcategories that affect a person and how they perceive themselves and the world.

The Emotional parts of Bipolar relate to the way a person “feels”, whether you are happy (e.g. laughing) or are sad (crying).

The Physical parts relate to the “chemical imbalance” within the brain that some medical information suggests is the main cause for Mental Disorders (or Bipolar). It can also relate to other physical symptoms brought on by emotional and or mental suffering such as headaches, stomach ulcers etc.

The Mental parts can be related to the way Bipolar can affect the way a person “thinks” about themselves and about the world, such as “paranoia”.

All of these put together affect the way a person lives on a day to day basis and affects their communication. Communication for me is one of the subcategories within many symptoms of Bipolar. I believe that a person’s communication can also be divided into two categories, communication with themselves and communication with other people.

Communication with yourself can refer to your inner “self talk”, the way you think to yourself about topics in general, or as some people may refer to it as “talking to yourself”. This includes your self talk, such as self criticism or self congratulatory thoughts, being proud of yourself.

Communication with other people can refer to the way in which a person interprets what other people say and do and their own reactions. It includes how a person interacts with other people, for example, paranoid thoughts affect how a person understands what other people say to them.

For me majority of my problems start and end there. It all comes down to how I perceive how people treat me, how I understand what they say to me and how I feel about the world, other people and myself. Whether I am able to see my place in the world, whether I like where I see myself in society and the world.


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